October 31, 2019 – Oh technology …

Game ideas are easy! What’s hard is the actual execution. How do you go from “Hey, I have an idea! I’m going make a game to fire small avians with a slingshot at structures that pigs have built” to actually holding that game in your hand and turning young children against bacon for life?

I find the hardest first step of game development not the game itself, but what game tools to use. Unity3D? Cocos2D-X? Unreal? Godot? Or native?

A lot of the decision comes down to the targeted platform. Most of my games are done for the mobile market, so that narrows down the field a lot for me.

Cocos2dx Tweeted at me to give Cocos Creator a try. I have done a couple games in Cocos2d-x before (Kitty Pops is a good example of one of my games in Cocos2d-x), but Cocos Creator moved to JavaScript-based (ewwww!) scripting.

What do you think about Cocos Creator? Let me know at @kerfufflemonkey